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3 peaks challenge

National three peaks challenge. Scafell Pike summit

10 peaks challenge

Lake District 3000ers challenge. Helvellyn Striding Edge

Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge

25 peaks challenge. Scafell Pike

Organising your own 3 peaks challenge and want to learn some navigation for the challenge?

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3 Peak challenge


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Scafell Pike

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This walk involves visiting the highest ground in England - Scafell Pike summit, covering some of the roughest and most dramatic terrain in the country in the process.

You'll climb about 900 metres (2,950 feet)

You'll walk about 14 km (9 miles)

Scafell Pike is one of the mountains in the 3 peaks challenge event - an attempt to climb the highest mountain in England, Scotland and Wales.

There are several different route options available for this walk and it can be made less or more challenging depending on the ability and aspirations of the group or individual.

The route we describe here is from Seathwaite in Borrowdale, returning to that location at the end of the walk. This really is a superb journey taking you from lush green valleys to a barren, rock covered plateaue. The transition from one to the other is gradual as height is gained and the views to the North as you ascend from Seathwaite are as good as any to be found in the district.

To book tel: 07584 177506

e-mail: enquiries@bigwalks.com

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We start this challenge from Seathwaite at the head of the Borrowdale valley.

Lake District 3000 challenge Seathwiate farm

Seathwaite farm in Winter our starting point for Day one

We approach Scafell Pike via Styhead and the Corridor route. This is arguably the finest approach to this summit and takes you through some of the most rugged and dramatic terrain the district has to offer. A short distance from the start we arrive at Stockley Bridge which is a great place to cool your feet on the way back! This is where the path splits, the one we take leads us to Styhead.

Lake District Scafell Pike route Stockley Bridge


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Stockley Bridge

The route to Styhead follows Styhead Gill to our right. On hot baking days there's an amazing oasis of shade and cool water at a particular point along this section that is passed by all using this route yet not one person notices it - apart from our guide that is!

Styhead Gill Oasis

Oasis of shade & cool water Styhead Gill

Styhead is where several routes converge. It was a main packhorse trading route between the Wasdale and Borrowdale valleys for hundreds of years prior to the motor car. Believe it or not but there was a plan in the 1950's to build a motor road over this pass linking West Cumbria to the rest of the county! Thank goodness common sense prevailed.

Styhead in Winter

Styhead Tarn in Winter

From Styhead we make our way downhill slightly to join the Corridor route that winds it's way along the West side of Great End and Broad Crag.

Broad Crag, Scafell Pike and Scafell from Great Gable

Broad Crag, Scafell Pike, Scafell and Lingmell as seen from Great Gable

This route is simply superb and the finest walker's route up any mountain in the district, affording intimate views into the gaping chasm's that cut so deeply into this side of these mountains.

Forbidding and repelling at any time but a truely awesome sight in stormy conditions. Well worth exploration but on another day and with qualified guides as these chasm's require climbing skills.

Piers Gill below Lingmell

The lower reaches of Piers Gill with Lingmell above. An unwary trap for many three peakers descending form the Pike.

From here it's a rather steep and unpleasant ascent of loose rock and scree to Broad Crag col. A few hundred metres further and we're on the summit of England!

At 3,210 feet above sea level the summit of Scafell Pike is the highest land in all England and the most rugged terrain you're ever likely to encounter in Great Britain. It can sometimes be the busiest as well!

Scafell Pike summit cairn in Summer

Scafell Pike summit can be extremely busy

Weather conditions here can be extreme and can change in the blink of an eye. Navigation on 'the Pike' is notoriously difficult and it's the one hill on the National 3 peaks challenge that is guaranteed to highlight any weaknesses in the inexperienced or ill-prepared. The statistics of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue team tell their own story!

Fortunately you'll be guided by our experienced mountain leader who knows this mountain extremely well.

mob: 07584 177506

e-mail: enquiries@bigwalks.com

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Please contact us for further information

mob: 07584 177506

e-mail: enquiries@bigwalks.com

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